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BMW Specific Trouble Codes, Fuel Control Mixture Lean, Mixture Rich, Sensor Circuit Slow Response, Engine Coolant Temperature Radiator, Coolant Temperature Sensor Plausibility, Pedal Position, Solenoid Valve Running Losses Control Circuit Electrical, Fuel Trim Additive, Sensor Slow Response Bank, Sensor Signal Circuit Slow Switching From Rich to Lean, Sensor Heater Control Circuit, Fuel Control, Pedal Position Sensor, Switching Solenoid, Knock Sensor, Misfire During, Misfire Cylinder, Knock Sensor, Control Module Self-Test, Crankshaft Position Sensor Segment Timing Plausibility, Heated Catalyst Battery Voltage, Heated Catalyst Current Too High During Heating, Diagnostic Pump Control Circuit, Module Tank Leakage, Injection Pump, Battery Temperature, Diagnostic Pump, Valve Closing, Control Circuit, Pedal Position Sensor, Control Module Self, Map Cooling Control Circuit Signal Low, Throttle Valve Adaptation, Throttle Valve Position Control, Malfunction Indicator Lamp, Pressure Control Solenoid, Can Bus Monitoring, Shift Solenoid Malfunction, Can Torque Reduction, Generic OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain, Trouble Codes, Temperature Circuit High Input, Sensor Circuit Slow Response, Fuel and Air Metering, Position Sensor, Circuit Intermittent, Turbocharger Boost Sensor, Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid, Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control, Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control, Injection Pump Fuel Metering, Injector Circuit High, Injector Circuit Low, Injector Circuit High, Contribution, Range Fault, Distributor Engine Speed, Circuit Malfunction, Sensor Circuit Malfunction, Auxiliary Emissions Controls, Heated Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold, Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction, Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Low Input, Cooling Fan Circuit Over Current, Vehicle Speed Controls and Idle Control System, Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction, Computer Output Circuit, Transmission, Sensor Circuit High Input, Sensor Circuit Low Input, Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction, Engine Speed Input Circuit Intermittent, Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction, Performance or Stuck Off, Solenoid Malfunction, Solenoid Intermittent, Solenoid Control Circuit Malfunction, Body Codes, Climate Control Pushbutton Circuit Failure, Fuel Sender Circuit Failure, Circuit Short to Battery, Assembly Circuit Failure, Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor, Longitudinal Acceleration Threshold Exceeded, Window Feedback Failure, Window Feedback Out of Range, Over Temperature Fault, Wiper Washer Rear Pump Relay Circuit Short to Battery, Air Flow Recirculation Door Driver Circuit Failure, Express Window Down Switch Circuit Short to Battery, Blend Door Failure, Air Temperature External Sensor Circuit Failure, Solar Radiation Sensor, Power Supply Sensor Circuit Open, Accessory Delay Relay Coil Circuit Failure, Door Ajar Lamp Circuit Failure, Deckled Ajar Rear Door Circuit Open, Heated Backlit Input Circuit Failure, Ignition Key, Oil Change Reset Button Circuit Short to Battery, Oil Level Switch Circuit Failure, Driver Power Window Down Circuit Open, Driver Power Window Motor Circuit Failure, Brake Pedal Input Open Circuit, Hood Switch Circuit Short to Battery, Keyless Entry Circuit Open, Keyless Entry Circuit Short to Battery, Door Ajar LR Circuit Failure, Lamp Park Input Circuit Short to Ground, Mirror Driver Right Circuit Failure, Mirror Driver Right Circuit Open, Mirror Driver Right Circuit Short to Battery, Seat Driver Rear Up Circuit Open, Alarm Panic Input Circuit Short to Battery, AutoLamp on Circuit Failure, AutoLamp on Circuit Open, Seat Driver Front Up Switch Circuit Failure, Seat Driver Forward Switch Circuit Failure, Seat Driver Rearward Switch Circuit Short to Ground, Mirror Driver Vertical Switch Circuit Short to Battery, Lamp Tail Output Circuit Open, Wiper Rear Motor Down Relay Coil Circuit Open, Ignition Tamper Circuit Failure, Turn Signal, Air Bag Tone Warning Indicator Circuit Short to Battery, Seat Recline Forward, Antenna Circuit Short to Ground, Brake Motor Warning Lamp Circuit Failure, Clutch Position Fault, Mirror Switch Assembly Circuit Short to Battery, Fuel Filler Door Circuit Open, Steering Column Switch Circuit Out of Range, Audio Steering Wheel Switch Circuit Fault, Interior Fan Control Circuit Short to Ground, Fog Lamp Switch Failure, Courtesy Lamp Output Failure, Emergency Power Off System Faulted, High Mount Stop Lamp Circuit Failure, Left Rear Stop Lamp Circuit Short to Battery, Right Rear Stop Lamp Circuit Failure, Enable Signal Circuit Short to Battery, Disable Signal Open Circuit, Chassis Codes, EBCM Malfunction, GMC Chassis Codes, Rear Inlet Valve Solenoid Malfunction, Battery Out of Range, Dive Signal Discrete Fault, Control Relay Short to Bat, Network Codes, Instrument Panel Cluster, Digital Disc Player, Telephone Control Module, Door Switch, Cruise Control Front Distance Range Sensor, Park Brake Control Module, Instrument Panel Control Module, Cruise Control Module, Fuel Pump Control Module, Park Brake Control Module, Steering Angle Sensor Module…

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