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Free Download Manual: BMW 3 & 5 Series – Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Repairs & Maintenance – Full PDF.

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BMW 3- & 5-SERIES, Service and Repair Manual, Models Covered, Living with your BMW, Introduction, Safety First, Anti-Theft Audio System, Instrument Panel Language Display, Roadside Repairs, Jacking, Towing and Wheel Changing, Jump Starting, Identifying Leaks, Routine Maintenance, Routine Maintenance and Servicing, Lubricants and Fluids, Repairs, Overhaul, Engine and Associated Systems, In-Car Engine Repair Procedures, General Engine Overhaul Procedures, Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Engine Electrical Systems, Engine Management and Emission Control Systems, Transmission, Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Clutch and Driveline, Brakes, Braking System, Suspension, Suspension and Steering Systems, Body Equipment, Bodywork and Fittings, Electrical, Body Electrical Systems, Wiring Diagrams, Reference, Mot Test Checks, Checks Carried Out From the Driver’s Seat, Checks Carried Out with the Vehicle on the Ground, Checks Carried Out with the Vehicle Raised, Checks Carried Out on your Vehicle’s Exhaust Emission System, Tools and Working Facilities, General Repair Procedures, Fault Finding, Conversion Factors, Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants, Buying Spare Parts and Vehicle Identification Numbers, Glossary of Technical Terms, Introduction, Note for UK Readers, Project Vehicles, BMW 535I, General Hazards, Scalding, Burning, Crushing, Fume or Gas Intoxication, Special Hazards, The Battery, Air Bags, Diesel Injection Equipment, Anti-Theft Audio System, Anti-Theft Audio System, General Information, Instrument Panel Language Display, Routine Maintenance and Servicing, Air Filter Renewal, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Change, Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Check, Battery Check, Maintenance and Charging, Brake System Check, Cooling System – Draining, Flushing and Refilling, Cooling System Check, Differential Lubricant Change, Differential Lubricant Level Check, Driveshaft Gaiter Check, Drivebelt Check, Adjustment and Renewal, Engine Idle Speed and Co Level Check and Adjustment, Engine Oil and Filter Change, Engine Timing Belt Renewal, Exhaust System Check, Evaporative Emissions Control (EVAP) System Check, Fluid Level Checks, Fuel Filter Renewal, Fuel System Check, Introduction, Manual Transmission Lubricant Change, Manual Transmission Lubricant Level Check, Power Steering Fluid Level Check, Routine Maintenance, Service Light Resetting, Spark Plug Check and Renewal, Steering and Suspension Check, Throttle Linkage – Check and Lubrication, Throttle Linkage – Check and Lubrication, Tyre Rotation, Tune-Up General Information, Underbonnet Hoses, Valve Clearances, Wiper Blades, Idle Speed, With M10/B18 Engine, With M20/B20 Engine, With M40/B18 Engine, With M20/B25M Engine, M30/B35M, M10/B18, M20/B20, M20/B25, M30/B28, M30/B34, Air Filter Element, M10 Engines, M40 Engines, Fuel Filter (All Fuel Injection Engines), Ignition System, Spark Plug Type, M40 Engines, Spark Plug (HT) Leads, Brakes, Wiper Blades, Tyre Pressures, Torque Wrench Settings, Lubricants and Fluids, Component or System, Engine, Cooling System, Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Final Drive, Brake and Clutch Hydraulic Systems, Power Steering, Capacities, Torque Wrench Settings, Timing Chain Tensioner Plug, Timing Belt Tensioner Bolts, Camshaft Sprocket-To-Camshaft Bolt, Timing Chain or Belt Covers-To-Engine, Crankshaft Pulley Bolts, Crankshaft Hub Bolt or Nut, Cylinder Head Bolts, M10 Four-Cylinder Engine, M20 Six-Cylinder Engine with Hex-Head Bolts, Intake Manifold-To-Cylinder Head Bolts, Flywheel, Drive Plate Bolts, Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Intermediate Shaft Sprocket Bolt, Sump-To-Block Bolts, Oil Pump Bolts, Front End Cover-To-Engine Bolts, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer-To-Block Bolts, General Information, Repair Operations Possible with the Engine in the Vehicle, General Engine Overhaul Procedures, Compression Check, Crankshaft, Inspection, Refitting and Main Bearing Oil Clearance Check, Removal, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal, Cylinder Head and Components, Cleaning and Inspection, Dismantling, Cylinder Honing, Removal and Refitting, Engine Block, Inspection, Alternatives, Dismantling Sequence, Engine Overhaul, General Information, Reassembly Sequence, General Information, Initial Start-Up and Break, Intermediate Shaft, Removal and Inspection, Piston Rings, Refitting and Big-End Bearing Oil, Clearance Check, Pistons, Servicing, Camshaft and Rocker Arms, Camshaft Bearing Oil Clearance, M10 Engine Rocker Arm Radial Clearance, Crankshaft, M10 and M30 Engines, Main Bearing Journal Diameter, Red Classification, yellow Classification, Main Bearing Journal Diameter Undersize, Main Bearing Oil Clearance, Connecting Rod Journal Diameter, Connecting Rod Journal Diameter Undersize, Connecting Rods, Engine Block, Cylinder Bore, Diameter (Standard), Cylinder Taper, Pistons and Piston Rings, Piston Diameter, M30 Engines, Piston Ring End Gap, M20 Engine, M40 Engine, M10, Torque Wrench Settings, Connecting Rod Cap Bolts, Carburettor, Main Jet, Air Correction Jet, Venture Diameter, Float Needle Valve Diameter, Throttle Positioner Coil Resistance, Intake Air Temperature Resistance, Float Level, Fuel Pressure Checks, Fuel System Hold Pressure, Injectors, Injector Resistance, Accelerator Cable Free Play, Torque Wrench Settings, Anti-Lock Brake System (Abs) – General Information, Brake Disc – Inspection, Removal and Refitting, General Information, Information Sensors, Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System, Anti-Lock Brake System (Abs), Brake Check, Brake Fluid Level Check, Brake Hydraulic System, Disc Brake Caliper – Removal, Disc Brake Pads, Drum Brake Shoes, Handbrake Assembly, Hydraulic Brake Servo, Description, Removal and Refitting, Stop-Light Switch, Check and Adjustment, Front Disc Brake Caliper, Caliper Guide (Mounting) Bolts, Rear Disc Brake Caliper, Brake Hose-To-Caliper Fitting, Brake Servo Mounting Nuts, Bodywork and Fittings, Bodywork and Underframe, Major Damage, Bonnet – Removal, Refitting and Adjustment, Door Trim Panel, Removal and Refitting, Exterior Mirror – Removal and Refitting, General Information, Hinges and Locks, Interior Trim, Maintenance, Seat Belt Check, Upholstery and Carpets, Key to Air Conditioning System Wiring Diagram, Engine Will not Rotate When Attempting to Start, Engine Rotates, But Will not Start, Engine Hard to Start When Cold, Engine Lacks Power, Engine Electrical System, Battery Will not Hold Charge, When Key is Turned, Fuel System, Excessive Fuel Consumption, Cooling System, Clutch, Overheating, External Coolant Leakage, Noisy in Neutral with Engine Running, Noisy in One Particular Gear, Noisy in One Particular Gear, Suspension and Steering…

  • Pages: 227
  • Size: 4.89 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Manual for BMW 3 & 5 Series 1983 – 1991 – Engine, Systems, Service, Repairs, Maintenance, Overhaul, Schedule, Engine, Cooling, Fuel, Electrical Systems, Emissions, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Body Equipment, Electrical & Wiring Diagrams – Information


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