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Jaguar XJ6 Service and Repair Manual, General Hazards, Special Hazards, Jump Starting, Wheel Changing, Sump Oil, Oil From Filter, Gearbox Oil, Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Under bonnet Check Points, Engine Oil Level, Coolant Level, Brake Fluid Level, Power Steering Fluid Level, Tyre Condition and Pressure, Tyre Tread Wear Patterns, Battery, Bulbs and Fuses, Lubricants and Fluids, Engine, Cooling System, Braking System, Choosing your Engine Oil, Routine Maintenance and Servicing, Air Cleaner Element Renewal, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Renewal, Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Check, Battery Check and General Information, Brake Fluid Renewal, Braking System – General Check and Adjustment, Coolant Renewal, Crankcase Ventilation System Check, Differential Oil Level Check, Differential Oil Renewal, Drive belt Check and Renewal, Engine Oil and Filter Renewal, Exhaust System Check, Front Wheel Alignment Check, Front Wheel Bearing Check and Adjustment, Fuel Filter Renewal, General Information, General Lubrication, Handbrake Shoes Check, Headlight Beam Check, Hose and Fluid Leak Check, Ignition System Check, Intensive Maintenance, Power Hydraulic System Fluid Level Check, PropShafts Check, Road Test, Seat Belt Check, Spark Plug Check, Spark Plug Renewal, Steering and Suspension Check, Lubricants and Fluids, Capacities, Transmission, Cooling System, Ignition System, Brakes, Torque Wrench Settings, Engine In-Car Repair Procedures, Auxiliary Shaft – Renewal, Camshafts and Lifters – Removal, Inspection and Refitting, Check Engine Light, Crankshaft Front Oil Seal, Cylinder Compression Check, Cylinder Head – Removal and Refitting, Drivebelt Check, Adjustment and Renewal, Drive Plate – Removal and Refitting, Engine Mounts – Check and Renewal, Engine Oil and Filter Change, Engine Overhaul – General Information, Engine – Removal and Refitting, Exhaust Manifolds – Removal and Refitting, General Information, Intake Manifold – Removal and Refitting, Sump – Removal and Refitting, Oil Pump – Removal, Inspection and Refitting, Spark Plug Renewal, Timing Chains and Sprockets – Removal, Inspection and Refitting, Top Dead Centre (TDC) for Number One Piston – Locating, Valve Cover – Removal and Refitting, Valves – Servicing, Water Pump – Removal and Refitting, Torque Wrench Settings, Sump Bolts, Engine Removal and Overhaul Procedures, Check Engine Light, Refitting and Main Bearing Oil Clearance Check, Cylinder Head, Engine Overhaul, Reassembly Sequence, Engine Rebuilding Alternatives, Removal and Refitting, Engine Removal – Methods and Precautions, General Information, Main and Connecting Big-End Bearings – Inspection and Selection, Pistons/connecting Rods, Pistons/Connecting Rods, Vacuum Gauge Diagnostic Checks, Valves – Servicing, Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Air Conditioning and Heating System, Air Conditioning Compressor, Air Conditioning Receiver/drier, Antifreeze/coolant – General Information, Coolant Level Check, Coolant Temperature Sender Unit, Cooling System Check, Cooling System Draining, Flushing and Refilling, Drivebelt Check, Adjustment and Renewal, Engine Cooling Fans – Check and Renewal, Engine Oil Cooler, Heater and Air Conditioning Blower Motors, Heater and Air Conditioning Control Assembly, Heater Core – Removal and Refitting, Radiator, Expansion Tank and Coolant Reservoir, Thermostat – Check and Renewal, Underbonnet Hose Check and Renewal, Water Pump – Check, Water Pump and Pipes – Renewal, Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Accelerator Cable, Air Cleaner Assembly, Catalytic Converter, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System – Check, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System – Component Check and Renewal, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System – General Information, Exhaust Manifold – Removal and Refitting, Exhaust System Check, Exhaust System Servicing – General Information, Fuel Filter Renewal, Fuel Lines and Fittings, Fuel Pump/fuel Pressure, Fuel Tank Cleaning and Repair, Intake Manifold – Removal and Refitting, Underbonnet Hose Check and Renewal, Engine Electrical Systems, Amplifier – Check and Renewal, Alternator – Removal and Refitting, Battery Cables, Battery – Removal and Refitting, Charging System – Check, Distributor – Removal and Refitting, Drivebelt Check, Adjustment and Renewal, General Information, Ignition Coil – Check and Renewal, Ignition System – Check, Spark Plug Lead, Distributor Cap and Rotor Check, Starter Motor – Removal and Refitting, Starting System – General Information and Precautions, Emissions and Engine Control Systems, Braking System, Suspension and Steering Systems, Anti-Roll Bar (Front) – Removal and Refitting, Balljoints, Coil Spring (Front), Control Arm (Rear), Front Wheel Bearing, Hub and Bearing, Hub Carrier (Rear), Lower Control Arm, Power Steering Fluid Level Check, Power Steering Pump, Self-Levelling Rear Suspension System, Shock Absorber (Front), Shock Absorber/coil Spring (Rear, Steering Gear – Removal and Refitting, Steering Gear Boots – Renewal, Steering Wheel, Tyre and Tyre Pressure Checks, Tyre Rotation, Upper Control Arm – Removal and Refitting, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Bearing Lubrication, Wheels and Tyres, Bodywork and Fittings, Body, Body Repair, Major Damage, Bonnet, Bonnet and Boot Lid Support Struts, Removal and Refitting, Bonnet Release Latch and Cable, Bumpers, Centre Console, Cowl Cover, Dashboard, Door, Door Window Glass, Front Spoiler, General Information, Hinges and Locks, Instrument Cluster Housing, Outside Mirrors, Steering Column Cover, Vinyl Trim, Windscreen and Fixed Glass, Body Electrical System, Airbag System, Bulb Renewal, Central Locking System, Cruise Control System, Direction Indicators/hazard Flashers, Window System, Fuel, Oil and Temperature Gauges, Headlight Housing, Heated Rear Window, Horn, In-Line Fuses, Instrument Panel Switches, Steering Column Switches, Windscreen Wiper Motor, Wiring Diagrams…

  • Pages: 227
  • Size: 4.97 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Contenido: Manual for Jaguar XJ6 Models with 3.2, 3.6 & 4.0 Litres, 6 Cylinder DOHC Petrol Engines & Automatic Transmission – Service & Repair – Checks, Lubricants, Fluids, Tyre, Maintenance, Overhaul, Engine, Systems, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Body, Wiring Diagrams, Electrical & Components – Information


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