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Volvo XC90 Owner’s Manual, Dear Volvo Owner, Table of Contents, 00 Introduction, Important Information, Warning for Personal Injury, Risk of Property Damage, Recording Data, Accessories and Extra Equipment, Information on the Internet, Position Lists, Bulleted Lists, Volvo and the Environment, Fuel Consumption, Efficient Emission Control, Clean Air in the Passenger Compartment, Volvo and the Environment, Textile Standard, Volvo Workshops and the Environment, Reducing Environmental Impact, Safety, Always Use a Seatbelt, Putting on a Seatbelt, Releasing the Seatbelt, The Seatbelt Locks and Cannot be Withdrawn, Keep in Mind the Following, Seatbelts and Pregnancy, Seatbelt Reminder, Certain Markets, Seatbelt Tensioner, Airbag System, Warning Symbol on the Combined Instrument Panel, Airbag (SRS) on the Driver’s Side, Passenger Airbag (SRS), SRS System, Key Switch Off – Pacos, General Information, Key Switch Off/Switch, Activating/Deactivating, Activating/Deactivating the Airbag (SRS), Activated Airbag, Deactivated Airbag, Message, Sips Bags, Side Airbag Locations, Sips Bags, Child Seats and Side Airbags, Sips Bags, Front Passenger Seat, Properties, Protection Against Whiplash Injury, Properties of the Seat, Whips System and Child Seats/booster Cushions, Correct Seating Position, Do not Obstruct the Whips System, Roll-over Protection – ROPS, Function, System, Triggered, Child Safety, Children Should Sit Comfortably and Safely, Child Seats, Location of Child Seats, Recommended Child Seats, Front Passenger Seat With Activated Airbag, Child Safety, Child Safety, Integrated Booster Cushion, Raising the Booster Cushion, Lowering the Booster Cushion, Isofix Fixture System for Child Seats, Mounting Points for Child Seat, Extra Locking Function in Seatbelt, Overview, Left-hand Drive Car, Overview, Right-hand Drive Car, Driver’s Door Control Panel, Combined Instrument Panel, Indicator and Warning Symbols, Information Display, Switches in the Centre Console, Lighting Panel, Left-hand Stalk Switch, Trip Computer, Right-hand Stalk Switch, Cruise Control, Parking Brake, Electrical Socket, Power Windows, Rearview and Door Mirrors, Power Sunroof, HomeLink, Lighting Panel, Panel Vents, Display, Temperature Gauge, Odometer, Trip Meter, Cruise Control, Speedometer, Direction Indicators, Outside Temperature, Clock, Gear Position, Fuel Gauge, Indicator and Warning Symbols, Panel Vents, GloveBox, Hazard Warning Flashers, Audio System, Climate Control, Windscreen Wipers, Keypad for Phone, Combined Instrument Panel, Horn, Cruise Control, Parking Brake Release, Switches, Reading Lamps, Passenger Compartment Lighting, Sunroof Control, Lock Button, For All Doors, Climate Control, Air Conditioning, Misting Windows, Particle Filter, Ice and Snow, Fault Tracing and Repair, Refrigerant, Ventilation Fan Function, Air Distribution, Air Vents in the Dashboard, Seat Heating, Outer Rear Seats (Executive), Electronic Climate Control, ECC, Control Panel, Air Distribution, Electronic Climate Control, ECC, General Information About Heaters, Messages in the Display, Parking on a Hill, Fuel-driven Parking Heater, Clock, Timer, Setting the Timer, Direct Start, Immediate Stop of Heater, Battery and Fuel, Interior, Front Seats, Seating Position, Tipping the Front Seat Backrest, Floor Mats, Power Seat, Emergency Stop, Comfort Seats, Front, Massage, Setting Lumbar, Reading Lamps and Interior Lighting, Front Roof Lighting, Rear Roof Lighting, Courtesy Lighting, GloveBox Lighting, Automatic Lighting, Storage Spaces, Pen Holder, GloveBox, Coat Hanger, Ashtray for Rear Seat Passengers, Cup Holder, Storage Compartment and Cup Holder, Storage Tray in Centre Console, Cup Holder, Storage Compartment in the Third Row of Seats, Refrigerator Compartment, Rear Seats – Second Row, Sliding Seat, Removing the Rear Section of the Centre Console, Head Restraint, Rear Seat, Fitting the Safety Net, Cargo Area, Electrical Socket in Cargo Area, Cargo Cover, Removing the Cargo Area Cover, Cargo Area, Locks and Alarm, Keys and Remote Controls, Immobilizer, Remote Control Functions, Panic Alarm Function, Replacing the Remote Control Battery, Automatic Relocking, Automatic Locking, Locking the GloveBox, Deadlocks, Child Safety Locks, Alarm System, Alarm Indicator, Arming the Alarm, Disarming the Alarm, Automatic Alarm Activation, Deactivating a Triggered Alarm, Alarm Signals, Reduced Alarm Level, Starting and Driving, Economical Driving, Slippery Driving Conditions, Engine and Cooling System, Avoid Overheating the Cooling System, Avoid Overheating the Engine, Open Tailgate, Driving in Water, Opening the Fuel Filler Flap, Fuel Cap, Filling Up With Fuel, Diesel Particle Filter (DPF), Regeneration in Cold Weather, Before Starting the Engine, Starting the Engine, Ignition Switch and Steering Lock, Ignition Keys and Electronic Immobilizer, Gear Positions, Gear Selector Inhibitor, Manual Positions, Cold Start, Adaptive System, Safety Systems, All-wheel Drive, Brake Servo, Dampness can Affect Braking Characteristics, If the Brakes are Used Heavily, Brake Circuits, Anti-lock Braking System (abs), Electronic Brake Force Distribution System – EBD, Emergency Brake Assistance EBA, Reduced Operation, Stability and Traction Control System, Variants, Rear Parking Assistance, Front Parking Assistance, Fault Indicator, Cleaning the Sensors, Blis Camera, Blind Spots, When Blis Operates, Activating, Start Assistance, Manual Gearbox, Towing and Recovery, Starting With a Donor Battery, Trailer Weights, Towing Equipment, Towbar, Trailer Cable, Specifications, Dimensions for Mounting Points, Towing Equipment, Fitting the Towball, Correct Light Pattern for Left or Right-Hand Traffic, Adjusting Headlamp Pattern, Tyre Pressure, Wheels and Tyres, Designation of Dimensions, Speed Ratings, New Tyres, More Even Wear and Maintenance, Winter Tyres, Tread Depth, Summer and Winter Wheels, Recommended Tyre Pressure, Tyre Pressure Table, Warning Triangle, Spare Wheel Temporary Spare, Spare Wheel, First Aid, Changing Wheels, Fitting the Wheel, Adjusting Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Rectifying Low Tyre Pressure, Emergency Puncture Repair, Sealing Punctured Tyres, Car Care, Washing the Car, Removing Bird Droppings, Cleaning the Wiper Blades, Testing the Brakes, Exterior Plastic, Cleaning the Interior, Treating Stains on Fabric Upholstery, Treating Stains on Interior Plastic, Metal and Wood Parts, Cleaning Seatbelts, Paintwork, Colour Code, Materials, If the Stone Chip Has Penetrated to the Bare Metal, Inspection and Maintenance, Volvo Service, Self-maintenance, Bonnet and Engine Compartment, Diesel, Oils and Fluids, Wiper Blades, Battery, Replacing Bulbs, Fuses, Maintenance and Service, General, Control Panels, Audio, Audio System Functions, Radio Functions, Cd Functions, Menu Structure, Phone Functions, RSE – Rear Seat Entertainment System – Dual Screen, Menu Structure, Type Designation, Dimensions and Weights, Engine Specifications, Engine Oil, Fluids and Lubricants, Fuel, Catalytic Converter, Electrical System, Type Approval…

  • Pages: 290
  • Size: 9.13 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Owners Manual for Volvo XC90 (2001 – 2008) – Equipment, Instruments, Instructions & Maintenance – Safety, Instruments, Controls, Climate Control, Interior, Locks, Alarm, Starting, Driving, Wheels, Tyres, Car Care, Maintenance, Service, Infotainment System & Specifications Manual


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