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Power Case, Ergonomic Carry Handle, Stackable, Non-slip Studs, High Impact Plastic Material, Scratch-resistant, Turnbuckle for Shock Absorber Toplid, Application, VW Golf Rear Axle, VW Polo Front Axle, Austin Maestro, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Japanese Cars, 20pc Turnbuckle for Shock Absorber Top Lid, Macpherson Spring Dumper Extractor (replaceable), Blow Mould Case Packing Only, Instruction, Compressor Fixed Base, Spring Compressor for Mercedes-Benz, Special Safety, Universal Spring Compressor, Micro-engineering Puller Kit, Flange-type Steering Wheel Puller Set, 5pc Tie-rod, Ball Joint, Both Handles are Interchangeable, 24pc FWD Front Wheel Bearing Tool, Adjustable Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench, 3-jaw Internal, External Puller Set, 5pc Bolt Extractor Set, 2 and 3 Jaw CRV Gear Puller Set, Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set 8~32mm, Hammer, Fixed Location, Correct Area, Va401~405, Bearing Separator, VA411, Wheel Weight Tool, Va412, Panel Wedge Tool, Application, Vvb001, 18PC Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set, Vvb004, 19pc Extra Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set, Prevents Damaging Pistons and Seals, 16pc Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set- Pneumatic, Use Rewind Tool With Air Gun, Pneumatic Rewind Tool, Operation Instructions, Choose An Adapter Suitable, Vvb003, High-quality Brake Tool Set, For Brake Maintenance, Vb003-4, Brake Bleeding Wrench, Vb003-6, Assembly Tool, Vb003-7, Brake Calliper File, Vb003-8, Brake Calliper Brush, Slim Design, Plastic Handle With Suspension Hole, VB003-9, Brass Brake Calliper Brush, Plastic Handle, Vb003-11, Brake Spring Pliers, For Installing, VB003-12, Brake Spring Pliers, With Movable Claw, Vb003-13, Hand Brake Cable Pliers, VVb005, Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder Set, VB401, Disc Brake Piston Spreader, Vb403~404, Pentagon Brake Socket, Vb405, Hub Slide Hammer Puller, Vb407, Brake Spoon, Vb408, Triple-arm Brake Cylinder Hone Tool, Vb429, Twin-arm Brake Cylinder Hone Tool, Vb411, Brake Retainer Spring Compressor, Vb412, Brake Spring Compressor, Vb416, Brake Fluid Tester, Vb425~427, Spring Brake Pliers, Vb410, Brake Retainer Spring Compressor, Vvs001, Hydraulic Gear Puller Set, Vvs002, Two Sets Bearing Separator Kit, Vvs003, Bearing Separator Kit, Vvs004, Hydraulic Bearing Separator Puller Kit, Vvs005, 8pc Bearing Race, Seal Driver Set, Vve001, 5pc Oil Filter Socket Set, Vve002, 9pc Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set, Vve-003, 30pc Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set, Vve046, 16pc Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set-euro Cars, Vve047, 15pc Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set – Japanese, Ve409, Two Way Oil Filter Wrench, Ve410, Self-griping Oil Filter Wrench, Universal Application, Ve411, Oil Filter Cartridge Wrench, Ve412, Oil Filter Wrench, Reversible, The Steel Jaws Grips, Ve421, Oil Filter Chain Wrench 350mm, Ve422, Oil Filter Chain Wrench 520mm, Special-list of Oil Filter Wrench, Vve005, Valve Seal Removal, Installer Kit, Vve007, Valve Spring Compressor Set, Vve008, Ignition Coil Puller, Audi, Volkswagen, Vve009, Injector Puller Set, Mercedes-Benz, Vve011, Glow Plug and Spark Plug Socket Set – Extra Long, Vve012, Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set, Vve017, Water Pump Pulley Wrench Set, Ve017-1, Fan Clutch Tools (BMW), Ve017-2, Fan Clutch Tools (Benz), Vve018, Radiator Pressure Tester Set, Universal Radiator Pressure Tester Set (Delrin Plastic-nylon 66), Vve034, 17pc Drain Plug Key Set, Vve035, 7pc Oxygen Sensor Socket Set, Vve039, Automotive Vacuum, Pressure Tester, Vve040, Vacuum Pump, Brake Bleeding Kit, Vve041, Engine Oil Pressure Tester, Vve044, Gasoline Cylinder Compression Tester, Vve045, Piston Service Tool Set, Vve048, 130pc Threaded Coil-insert Repair Kit, Ve430, 2pc Valve Grinders, Ve434, Air Valve Lapper, Ve439, In-line Ignition Spark Tester, Ve440, Spark-plug Socket 14mm – Magnetic, Ve441, Diesel Injector Puller, Ve452, TDC Timing Degree Wheel, Ve462, VAG Multi-Purpose Tensioner Wrench, Ve469,piston Ring Compressor, Ve470, Piston Ring Compressor, Ve471, Piston Ring Compressor, Ve472, Piston Ring Compressor, Ve473, Angular Torque Gauge, Ve474, Mechanics Stethoscope, Ve475, Hose Pinch-off Pliers, Ve476, Flexible Hose Clamp Set, Ve477, Belt Tension Gauge, Ve486, Angle Tip Lock Ring Pliers, Ve489, Gasoline Tube Street Dismantles to Unload Pliers, Ve490, Engine Cylinder Hone (50~178mm), Ve498, Engine Cylinder Hone (57~127mm), Ve499, Engine Cylinder Hone (32~89mm), Ve492, 8.5l Pneumatic Fluid Extractor, Ve-497, 10l Hand Operation Fluid Extractor, Ve494, Adjustable Hose Remover, Ve495, Adjustable Style Hose Remover, Ve496, Puller for Ribbed Drive Pulleys, Vvc001, Complete Sac, Clutch Alignment Tool Set, Universal Clutch Alignment Rectifier Set, General Use, Universal Clutch Alignment, Vvc006, Vvd002, 20pc Radio Removal Tool Set, Vvd005, 23pc System Release Tools, Vvd006, 7pc Battery Service Kit Pouch Bag, Vvd010, Auto Circuit Tester With Led Display Set, Vvd011, Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester With LCD Display (6~24v), Vvd012, Trim Pin Removers Set, Vd013-13, 5pc Handy Remover Set, Vvd014, Window Removal Kit Set, Vvd015, Universal Axles Slide Hammer Set, Vvd016, Dent Puller Set, Vvd020, 7pc Air Bag Removal Tool Kit, Vd409, TPMS Valve Core Tools, Vd410, Battery Terminal, Wiper Arm Puller, Vd416, 4pc Composite Scraper Set, Vd421, Heavy Duty Scraper, Vd422, Super Scraper Set, Vd423, Window Scraper, Vd424, Razor Scraper Blade, Vd427, Circuit Tester for General and Hybrid Car, Vd428, Cordless Circuit Tester, Vd429, Car Check Tester, Vd467, Car Body File Holder, Vd468, Automatic Welding Slide Hammer, Vd469, Slide Hammer Hook, Vd470, 2pc Rubber Ring Hook Puller Set, Vd477, Professional Suction Cup, Vd478, Body and Fender Dent Puller, Vvg002, 14pc Screw Extractor Set, Vvg003, 9pc Hose Clamp Pliers Kit, Vvg004, 3pc CV Banding, Cutter Tool Set, Vvg005, 13pc Snap Ring Pliers Set, Vg401, CV Boot Clamp Pliers (heavy Duty), Vd402, CV Boot Clamp Banding Tool, Vg403, Universal Boot Hose Clamp Cutter, Vg404, Universal CV Boot Clamp Pliers, Vg405, CV Boot Clamp Pliers, Vg407, Exhaust Clamp Spreader, Vg408, Oil Cooler Line Pliers – BMW, Vg410, Hose Clamp Pliers, Swivel Head, Angled Jaw, Vg411, Hose Clamp Pliers, Vg412, Piston Ring Pliers, Vg414, Seal Puller Set, Vg415, Pick and Hook Set, Vg416, 8pc Mini Pick, Driver Set, Vg420, 10l Pressure Fluid Dispenser, Vg421, 4pc Pry Bar Set, Vg426, 4pc Stud Extractor and Inserting Tool Set, Wr1710-i10bb, Combination Ignition Wrench Set, Swt7311-014 / 020 / 024, Tire Bar, Bxi-016, 16pc Insulated Tool Set in Boxo Fabric Tool Box, Bxi-044, 44pc Insulated Tool Set in Boxo Fabric Tool Box, Bxi-012, 12pc Insulated Tool Set in Pouch Bag, Bxi-038, 38pc Electro-technical Maintenance Tool Assortment for Hybrid, Wr1013i-010, 1000v Insulated Adjustable Wrench 30mm, PRCCI-011, 1000v Insulated Copper and Aluminium Cable Cutter 235mm, Cutki-06, 1000v Electrician Knife…

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  • Content: Catalogue for Boxo-Auto Mechanic Tools for Workshops – Kits for Suspension System, Axis Repair, Brake Service, Hydraulic System, Silent Blocks, Bushes, Engine Tools, Oil (Lubrication) System, Engine Tools, Clutch Tools, Body, Interior, General Tools, & Insulated Tools Specifications


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